Some highlights in 2022 include:

  • $30 M towards drainage improvements in the city
  • $125 M water treatment plant upgrade (shared with three levels of government)
  • Support for LED lighting for our community centre outdoor rinks
  • Funding towards medium-term relief for our BFES crews who have been strained immensely throughout the pandemic (through reallocation of funding to front line where it is needed most). This will allow for four term additions to the manning of ambulances in our city. This shift in resources does not add cost to residents, moreover realigns priorities to assist front-line supports.
  • Project alignment to capitalize on $4.1 million dollars in funding towards affordable housing opportunities in our community.
  • Greater funding towards sidewalk maintenance and repair, pushing the annual sidewalk work budget to over $500,000, and $300,000 more over the term.
  • A further investment towards road maintenance, milling, pothole work, paving and replacement, pushing the annual milling and paving budget to $1 million dollars annually.
  • Funding to assist the work of the Community Wellness Collaborative.
  • Funding towards the annual Truth and Reconciliation events as well as a further $15,000 for staff training around the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.
  • $100,000 combined investment in museum spaces in our community in 2022 alone.
  • Investments in the Brandon Age Friendly Committee.
  • Enhanced funding to budget for snow clearing work.
  • A combined half-million dollars into downtown initiatives to help leverage the opportunities in our downtown post-pandemic.
  • Investments in lighting augmentation in back lanes.
  • Establishment of a sump pit and backwater valve program (with an ability to scale up should demand outstrip this funding allotment).
  • $3 million dollars in investment borrowing to complete a number of initiatives to improve the Brandon Community Sportsplex.
  • $500,000 in capital grants to the Keystone Centre.
  • $50,000 for the beginnings of a pathway lighting program for our walking paths in the city.
  • Further work to leverage the $30 million dollars of borrowing to improve drainage needs in our community.
  • Further work to leverage the (tri-level funding) of the construction of a new water treatment facility in the city (a $125 million dollar project).
  • A lead pipe replacement program whereby residents will be able to partner with the city to help get rid of lead service lines to their house.
  • Discussions on leveraging other dollars for the Southwest Lift Station.
  • Historic investment in back lane work including close to $100,000 in calcium chloride applications for summer 2022. This will help mitigate dust in back lanes throughout the city.
  • Ground-breaking for our outdoor recreation space (soccer park) in summer 2022.

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